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Whatever is available to the public for Pasco appears to be very accurate. Pasco County Florida Divorce records can be viewed for free by the general public in person at the court records center in New Port Richey.

The records center is to the right and behind the courthouse on Little Road. Hernando County Court Divorce Records. Hernando County Divorce records are available to the public online for free. Also, images of final judgments are available. Hernando County records appear to be fairly accurate and usually contain everything that has been filed in the official court file. Hernando County Divorce Records can also be viewed by the general public in person at 20 N. Main Street in Brooksville Florida, in the clerk of court office. The Orlando clerk of court is one of the more advanced systems in Florida.

Free record searches are available at the following link:.


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Orange County Court Records. Having worked as an investigator and later in my career as a counselor for divorces gave me plenty of exposure to Lawyers. Therefore, I had a lot of resistance and fears of working with any lawyer. Therefore, I did thorough research and found Howard Iken. I must say that I have nothing but appreciation for him. His knowledge, expertise, and support are priceless.

First of all he does not sell you a dream, in other words he is upfront and honest at all times. He has also been extremely assertive and a big advocate for my daughter and my rights as a father in the court room. Outside of the court room he has been extremely supportive, accessible, and informative at all times.

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In fact many times I would send him an email with a question and would be surprised to receive a response right away. Anonymous - Lawyer Ratingz. Need assistance with this form?

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I hired Howard Iken as my attorney to handle my divorce case. Not only did he secure a win for me in the eventual divorce trial, he was also successful in having the post divorce trial petitions 4 filed by my ex-husband dismissed. Iken is very professional and adept at developing strategies that are favorable to his clients. He is organized, thorough, creative and more than willing to go the extra mile.

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But while you may not be able to view copies of the actual will and other documents that have been filed with the probate court for free many courts have started charging for the ability to view documents , at the very least you will be able to see a list of the documents that have been filed, who has been named as the executor of the estate, which attorney the executor has hired, and the name of the judge presiding over the case.

Some courts even list the names of all of the beneficiaries of the estate. This will then give you the ability to request copies of the will and any other documents you are interested in viewing from the probate clerk's office, or you can try contacting the executor or the executor's attorney for additional information.

One side note - how do you determine the appropriate probate court where an estate is being or has been, probated?

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An estate is probated in the county where the deceased person lived at the time of his or her death, or, in some cases, the county where the deceased person owned real estate. Use the following website to locate the correct name of the county by plugging in the name of the city where the deceased person lived or owned real estate: City - County Search.

Once you have located the appropriate county, an online search can be done for that county's probate court or probate court dockets. This can be tricky because in some states the probate court is not actually called the probate court, it could be referred to as the "circuit court," "surrogate's court," "orphan's court," or any other number of courts. But be persistent - since probate occurs in each and every county across the country, chances are you will be able to locate the appropriate court's online information.

Once you have located the appropriate county, usually the steps involved in obtaining a copy of a will or other probate document directly from the probate court will include the following:.

If the estate you are interested in is being probated in the Hillsborough County Circuit Court located in Tampa, Florida, then follow the links and instructions provided below to view the Hillsborough County probate court dockets online:. Once you locate the documents you want to have copied, you can click on the link to Office Locations and stop by in person or give them a call to determine the procedure for obtaining the copies and the costs involved.

As a side note, Hillsborough County is where the estate of the owner of the New York Yankees, George Steinbrenner, is being probated, so you can enter his name in the search boxes and you will see all of the pertinent information regarding his probate estate.