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Watch out as this can up to an average speed, decent handling and rarely flips over. This car is very fast, faster than the VCPD Cruiser, handling is a tad too responsive and if you turn a corner too fast, you may end up flipping over everywhere. Only available at the airport once you complete the storyline, this beast is equipped with duel rocket launchers and a chain-gun. This wrangler can get up to above average speeds, decent handling and may flip over. This tank is one of the most fun vehicles to play around in! This BMX can get up to a decent speed considering it IS a bicycle , handling is good and you can do a hop on this!

This mo-ped is nothing to get excited about unless you like being flipped off by grandmothers driving passed you. Not recommended for riding up steep hills. It can get up to an above average speed and good handling. I never really liked riding this bike as it comes with some pretty ugly colors and I only ride it if I see a black variation.

Otherwise, its performance is great. This speed is incredibly fast and handling is a breeze. I definitely recommend this for doing stunts. This is the ideal boat to show off to your friends because this is the perfect luxury boat. Gear up your fishing poles and get your tackle boxes because you the only thing you should use this boat for is fishing. This has almost the worst speed ever and the handling is below average.

This is more of a luxury then a utility boat.

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The speed is below average and the handling is really bad. This is one or if not the fastest boat in the game. This boat certainly lives up to its name as your hair will be flying around once you hit the throttle. The speed is fantastic and handling is good but could be a bit better. This is another great speed boat. This speed is great and the handling is pretty good. Oh boy!

This boat will violate the open and calm seas and this boat just rips through the water which makes riding this baby interesting. Yes, it may seem a little bulky but the speed is great and the handling is good too. This speed is below, below average and handling is good. This helicopter is the Ambulance version of the Armadillo and is found behind the Washington Beach hospital.

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This can get up to a decent speed and handling is OK. The speed is good considering its size and handling is good.

Sure, this little helicopter may seem small and useless but it has a gun turret that will explode a car in a matter of seconds. This helicopter will get pretty quick over a period of time and handling is great. This will get pretty quick if you know how to handle helicopters well and handling is good. This plane is for open sky chases.

The speed is fantastic but not as fast as the Biplane and the handling is awesome. This helicopter is pretty much the Maverick in terms of performance. The only difference is its design and structure. This helicopter is just the sparrow but with some extra features, such as floaters instead of landing skis so you can land this copter on water.

In addition it is equipped with a gun turret making this the third air transportation that can fire ammunition. This helcopter is VERY hard to find, in fact it doesn't spawn anywhere other than in missions. So if you do get a chance to use it I would highly recommend you to park it in your garage and save it. From that mission only is the ATV given a bad reputation but if you take it out for a casual ride on the beach, it is quite pleasant.

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This is just a large 6-wheeler truck. I am urging you to just stay away from useless piece of junk on wheels. Actually, going into reverse and backing up is faster than accelerating. Handling is ok and it rarely flips. Just stay away from this. This is certainly a very interesting variation of the ATV.

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This nippy vehicle is quite good and traffic and can actually drive in the water but swimming is actually faster! On the streets, the speed is good, handling is great but it does tend to wobble from side to side when you corner at high speeds. Often referred as a Dune Buggy, this monstrosity was built for rough terrain and for sand.

It can get up to high speeds over a period of time and handling is good but not the greatest.

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Watch out for those small narrow streets as this nothing but ordinary vehicle tends to driver over cars and may cause you to flip over. Otherwise, stay away from this slow-poke. Only used in a side mission, this large pedestrian carrier is a pain to drive around without smacking into a car or wall.

Based off of the same model as the Police Cruiser, the car gives a steady ride with a low speed, good handling a may cause flipping. This is the ideal vehicle for cruising down the beach or driving over cars. Another variation of the badass muscle car, this Cholo Sabre does not disappoint. Driven by the dreaded Cholos gang, this car is quite pleasing to cruise in down the streets of Vice City. This is one of the most badass cars in Vice City.

Speed is quite decent, the handling is quite responsive so either you hate it or you love and this car may wobble when making quick corners at high speeds so beware. Please, if you notice any mistakes or if you wish to edit or add to any of the information above, please do so.

Edit Page Discussion History. Last edited by What links here Related changes. Let me show you. Here is a picture of the location. Get in it and keep driving it around the streets and one like this will spawn. Here is a image of a regular Washington. Here is a map which shows the places where the Washington spawns.

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Unless you have "bought your license". The Admiral is a four door sedan like the Washington but more common. There is a fixed location for this car and there are three unique cars in the game. Here is the Admiral in Starfish Island it is next to a rampage and here is the image of it on the map. But drive carefully. As a reward another surprise car will spawn in the first floor of Sunshine Autos.

The car is called Sabre Turbo. It is a nice car with awesome handling and superb top speed. The Sabre Turbo is really rare and it only spawn in the showroom but Hilary King owns one.