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You can refuse to let the employer do the check but then this would probably mean that you do not get interviewed or considered for the job. Once you have agreed, the employer can ask Victoria Police for criminal records information. Victoria Police will only do a criminal record check if you agree in writing. Some employers cannot employ people with certain criminal records. For example, employers that work with children or vulnerable people cannot employ people with convictions for crimes involving children.

There are no laws in Victoria against employers who discriminate against someone because of a criminal record. However, the Australian Human Rights Commission may be able to help with complaints. You may want to travel overseas and need a visa. You will need to get this visa approved from the relevant embassy. Some countries have laws that stop people with convictions or findings of guilt from entering their country.

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If you are planning a trip and you have a criminal record, contact the embassy of that country before you apply for a visa. Skip to the content. Criminal records.

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If You Are Accused of a Crime. If You Are Convicted of a Crime. Family Members or Friends. Criminal Record Checks A criminal record check takes place when a request for a criminal history is received by police.

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You should be told which type of DBS check is needed so that you can work out what information will appear on the DBS certificate. A basic DBS check only shows cautions and convictions that are not spent. Any employer can ask for a basic DBS check.

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Jobs where a basic check might be asked for include:. You can request a basic DBS check if you need to find out which of your cautions or convictions are not spent. An enhanced DBS check shows the same information as a standard check but also includes any information held by the police that they think is relevant to your application. The following tables give general guidance about when cautions and convictions become spent.

If you have more than one conviction you can read some examples to help you work out when they all become spent. Cautions are official warnings given by the police. Conditional cautions include certain rules that you need to stick to.

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A community order or youth rehabilitation order YRO is given instead of a prison sentence. Sometimes a tag needs to be worn. If no end date is given for your community order or YRO, it becomes spent 2 years after the date you were given the order. Penalty points are usually given with a court endorsement.

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Endorsements can stay on your driving record after they become spent, so people might be able to find out about past driving offences after your rehabilitation period has ended. You can view your driving licence to find out what information the DVLA holds on your driving record. Fixed penalty notices FPNs do not appear on a criminal record unless they result in a conviction in court.