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But they, too, looked to Christians to embrace their cause. State coordinators Dick and Sue Rehg reminded signature-gatherers that "we are at war for the very heart and soul of our great nation" and encouraged them to keep the faith by remembering "He who is the General of our army.

John Paul II’s vision of family and marriage for the New Evangelization

Kevin Lundberg, R-Berthoud, asked volunteers to pray for God's "special blessing" while looking forward to "successes God will grant us. Georgia Rep. Phil Gingrey has declared that God "has spoken very clearly" for a federal constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Marriage between a man and woman is "part of God's plan," agrees Texas Rep. John Carter. But in this election season, Christians who have claimed Calvary as right-wing real estate face an increasingly powerful opponent that originates outside any "gay agenda" to destroy the traditional nuclear family and with it in the view of Focus on the Family founder James Dobson Western civilization.

This "enemy" comes from within. It's another Christian army, one whose vision of Jesus Christ and biblical truth could scarcely be more different than that of the religious right. Bush's re-election as an "outrage. As examples, Meyers cited a litany of "immoral" behaviors, including prosecuting an unjustified war, giving tax breaks to the wealthy, dismantling environmental protections and using hatred of homosexuals as a wedge issue to turn out evangelical voters.

Bush and his ilk, Meyers told the peace rally, are "make-believe Christians. Meyers' book joins a burgeoning list of volumes that sharply advocate a socially progressive spirituality. Jim Wallis, a veteran of the evangelical left who in founded the social-justice ministry Sojourners, penned one of the best-known works. Wallis criticizes the right for defining "moral values" in terms of homosexuality and abortion, to the detriment of concerns over poverty, the environment, criminal justice and war.

And he criticizes the left for an elitism that alienates many people of faith. The connection the world's waiting for is to connect the hunger for spirituality with passion for social change. Roy Herron, just this week tried to make a connection by launching FaithfulDemocrats. The mission of the "online Christian community" is to help readers "put their faith to work for the common good, holding our nation and the Democratic Party to their highest ideals.

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At the same time, the statement opposes "the many anti-religious and anti-spiritual assumptions and behaviors that have increasingly become part of the liberal culture. The book includes a "spiritual covenant with America" that, among other things, supports the full inclusion of same-sex couples and their children in its vision of the American family. The witness of Scripture Such views are anathema to Christian conservatives.

Focus on the Family spokesman Tom Minnery, who often speaks for Dobson, declined to be interviewed for this story. But his boss whose media ministry defines evangelical Christianity for millions of followers is well-known for an arch-conservative morality that condemns homosexuality and has implied that same-sex relationships belong in the same category as polygamy, incest and bestiality. Dobson has little patience with Christians who don't share his views.

In , he told the Daily Oklahoman that Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Catholic, "hates God's people" because he stands opposed to conservative Christian values.

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Colorado Initiative coordinators Dick and Sue Rehg were likewise impatient with dissenting believers during the summer petition drive. They reminded signature-gatherers that "the enemy" has many weapons among them "timid pastors who are unwilling to stand firm on Biblical Truth and some Christians who have forgotten the command to be "salt and light' and believe their only biblical responsibility is to bring others into the kingdom and look toward heaven praying for Christ's return. Conservative anti-gay Christian Rep. Dave Schultheis, R-Colorado Springs, once dismissed both men as "pseudo clergy" and their church as "a splinter group of Christians.

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White became an icon among local religious progressives when he started performing same-sex unions at First Congregational in the mid-'90s 10 years before the United Church of Christ formally endorsed such weddings. The decision fractured White's congregation, but ultimately, more were drawn to the church than left. Today, the retired minister has a succinct explanation of the schism between conservative and liberal Christians. An adult is someone who has ripened to the point of maturity, a grown-up.

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