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These factors include the following:. These factors include:. The judge also talks to the child in most cases to take into account his or her preferences, as well. Children under the age of 7 are typically not interviewed, while children between the ages of 7 and 13 years old are sometimes asked by the court what they want.

Children ages 14 years and older are required by the court to be asked their preference in child custody hearings. Their preference is usually given considerable weight, unless it is unreasonable. Once the court has made a determination for child custody, the order is considered final. The only way to change a child custody order is to show that there has been a material change in circumstances for one or both parents since the child custody order was put into place.

If you have questions regarding child custody in a Virginia divorce case, a family law attorney will be able to help. Types of Child Custody in Virginia Virginia allows for three types of child custody in a divorce case. How Custody is Determined Virginia courts give no preferential treatment to placing a child with the mother or father in a divorce case. Custody is determined by the best interests of the child. If a trial is necessary, the Judge is required to consider several factors, including:. Sometimes the court appoints an attorney for the child. During a custody hearing, this attorney can proffer evidence and cross-examine witnesses.


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They serve as a neutral, third party focused solely on the interests of the child. Either parent can initiate a case for custody or visitation. In some cases, however, paternity must first be established. These include:. The outcome is usually governed by whether or not the parents object to the visitation. If both parents object, grandparents will have a very difficult time in court, as they will have to prove that the child would suffer actual harm if they are not allowed to visit. If only one parent objects, grandparents may have an easier time.

The first decision that must be made is where to file.

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  6. There are some exceptions to these rules, including in cases of emergency. The divorce process can be long. If your court date is months away, there are certain circumstances when Motions for a temporary custody or visitation arrangement can be filed. Most attorneys and judges prefer that children be kept out of any litigation related to legal and physical custody.

    So, what changed in Virginia this year on July 1st? Answer: A WHOLE LOT!

    The older a child is, however, the more weight that a court will give his or her wishes, especially if the child is of a sufficient age, maturity level and intelligence to express a meaningful preference. If it becomes imperative that a child testifies, there are alternatives to doing so in open court, including the having the parents stipulate to what a child would say if he testified or having the child testify outside of the presence of the parents.

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    Mediation occurs when both parents sit down with a third party and try to compromise in order to reach an agreement. In Virginia, some courts require parents to attend at least one session of mediation before proceeding to trial. There are many different options for mediation, including mediation provided at no charge by the court or mediation with a third party paid for by the parents. Virginia law permits a parent to request a modification of a previous custody or support order.

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    However, these changes in circumstances do not guarantee a change to the order. The decision will ultimately come down to what is best for the child. It is generally not easy for a parent to move out of state with a child during a separation or divorce, or thereafter, unless the other parent agrees or a court allows the move. Courts generally prefer that children have the benefit of the involvement of both parents in their lives, and a relocation out of state can really hamper the involvement of the parent who remains.

    The information set forth above is only a guide. The best way to learn about the applicable custody laws and procedures related to your specific situation is to contact a qualified attorney. Finding the right attorney to help you navigate through these difficult times is essential.

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